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Army Snipers: Super Adventure


Army Snipers Super Adventure is a very nice and attractive game.Addictive interface and nice user control.Where users have critical missions to complete. Compete with one of the brutal enemy who play game of war with every country. In this age of fire, everyone suffers the consequences.The enemies have spread in the jungle, occupied the sea and have setup their bases in the desert. Now this is the suicide mission, you need to eliminate them one by one. You have got enough artillery to attack them. This is the best chance to test your sniper shooting skills.Youre a Modern Army Sniper on a Combat mission! The military has sent to you to strike the enemies that have been pushing back our forces, and now you must counter strike to take the fight to the enemy! Youre in for the best first person shooter experience!The enemy has a powerful military and helicopters snipers. In this combat mission, you need to take their soldiers and high value targets.Equipped with real-life 3D graphics and sounds, this shooting game gives an exhilarating experience. Use your limited ammo wisely and kill the enemies at a distance before they get a chance to aim at you. The enemy is aware of your presence so take your first shot carefully because the moment you fire it, your gunshot will be heard and the enemy will be upon you before you know it.You are the frontline of battlefield defense against the most dangerous threats to world security!Feel like a real army commando, battling against enemy’s forces in jungles with this amazing war shooter game!You are a Ghost Commando like a contract killer.It’s a real premier third person shooter experience available on your mobile phone and android tablets. A complete military covert operation game and the object is to kill your enemies in their strongholds.The unlimited missions on the island, jungle, mountain range would not let you settle down. Survive their attacks and outshoot your opponents. Use their Tanks and Guns to destroy their own bases.Features:1:Unlock the deadly missions by completing the deadly missions!2:Unlock the cool gears, like armor, RPG, missiles etc.3:Use modern combat vehicles, artillery, and strategic units4:Stunning war zone terrain with desert, forest, mountain and snowy locations5:Real time physics with superb driving skills6:Action pack thrilling game play like never before7:Smooth gun control and addictive gameplay8:Unlimited challenging missions9:Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!